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Psycho-educational Awareness Videos

Psychology Spa also conducts short social media videos about mental health and psychological issues aimed at the whole community through online sponsorship. These campaigns provide an open platform for individuals to contact Phycology Spa and provide their opinion on matters relative to their daily lives.

Furthermore, it provides a channel to contact organizations specializing in supporting and treating psychological and mental health issues as mediators between people and those organizations. This helps us to break the wall of mental health-related stigma and support people’s mental health in a creative way that suits our era. We plan to have more social media programs or series of short videos that tackle daily/serious problems that help make mental health no longer a taboo topic to talk about.

Program Objectives

Providing an open platform for individuals, to talk about issues that concern them either women or youth or others in the community.  

Reaching out to our Palestinian people in Gaza through producing videos and conducting a social media campaign regarding issues which might benefit them. The campaign will target a larger number of youths in the West Bank & Gaza through social media.

Social Media Campaign: Breaking the walls regarding these topics and providing a platform for individuals to interact and talk about it. Respondents seem more at ease knowing that this space is an open channel for them, with no preconceptions, and can provide real, ongoing advice about our current society issues. Furthermore, Psychology Spa is a channel for individuals (females or males) access the help they need, without the fear of being stigmatized.

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