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Psycho-educational Group Sessions

We love to call our meeting area an Oasis. It provides a safe, comfortable, and relaxed environment for sharing within the group. Having a stigma-free place is one of the main differentiators from other local organizations.

A stigma-free place means we are not providing counseling or therapy. Despite dealing with psychological problems, individuals of our groups are not afraid to be labeled mentally ill. Keeping in mind that such a label is among their primary concerns when seeking psychological support.

Psycho-education has a therapeutic value in helping people deal with or recover from psychological problems. If not, it will modify their perception of the importance of mental health, so they are willing to seek professional help when needed.

Program Objectives

Address the lack of education and knowledge regarding mental health and psychology among youth in refugee camps, villages, and cities.

Provide the space for youth to break their social boundaries such as gender discrimination, and acceptance of others.

Provide youth with psychological tools to use for the rest of their lives, thus having a prolonged impact on them accepting each other and themselves. 

Support women to take active roles in their societies through mainstreaming gender-relevant subjects and addressing gender-based violence.

Changing preconceptions on women and empower girls, especially at marginalized refugee camps and villages.

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