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Psycho-educational Summer Camps

​Our Camps include fun, creative, scientific, educational activities. We prepare activities in a way that supports the mental and physical health of our little future leaders. In this way, children become aware of their emotions, understand them, and healthily express them. Also, they get to know that mental health is just as important as our physical health. This is essential for children's personality development to be healthier, more successful youth and adults in the future.

Our Camps aims to support the mental health of children and youth to be healthier and thus be a better leader in the future and provide a space for children and youth to meet up regularly to express their feelings in a safe and relaxed setting. Furthermore, our summer camps are a fun activity that provides positive energy, releases stress, and at the same time educates. 

Program Objectives

Build a new generation that believes in the importance of mental health.

Support the mental health of children and youth in the Palestinian community. 

Decrease the mental health problems in children by identifying those in need of further psychological intervention.  

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