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Our programs

We aim to encourage people to seek mental health services and be proud rather than shame to participate in such activities. This is because we believe that to fight mental health stigma, people should start to ask for mental health services instead of only receiving it when it is offered freely.

We also reach out to marginalized groups in hard-to-reach communities and expand our services to raise awareness of mental health among women and youth in their local centers or workplace.

Our education modifies many misconceptions about mental health. It has enabled many young people and women to seek help and take influential roles in their lives and community.

Psycho-educational Group Sessions

We love to call our meeting area an Oasis. It provides a safe, comfortable, and relaxed environment for sharing within the group. Having a stigma-free place is one of the main differentiators from other local organizations.

A stigma-free place means we are not providing counseling or therapy. Despite dealing with psychological problems, individuals of our groups are not afraid to be labeled mentally ill. Keeping in mind that such a label is among their primary concerns when seeking psychological support.

Psycho-education has a therapeutic value in helping people deal with or recover from psychological problems. If not, it will modify their perception of the importance of mental health, so they are willing to seek professional help when needed.

Psycho-educational School Sessions

We believe that Psychology provides a manual for life. In school, we usually learn maths, languages, chemistry, etc. But unfortunately, we do not understand how to cope with simple stress like exam stress. In our lives, we see doctors, engineers, business people, women, etc., who seem to be successful for the public but suffer from severe mental problems. 

Since childhood, we neglect our mental health and focus on academic or business life. We ignore the fact that mental health is essential for our success in all life aspects and first in our personal life. Our goal is to support schools in following a holistic approach in the learning process and including mental health as part of students' healthy development.

Psychology Spa aims at accessing schools with a psychoeducational manual to provide children, teenagers, and young adults with essential mental health knowledge and life skills to support their overall health.