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At the end of this current month, 31st of March 2021, it will be our fifth anniversary of our dream becoming true in officially registering Psychology Spa as a non-profit company. Psychology Spa became the first specialized center and one of its kinds in raising awareness of mental health in Palestine.

Since we started five years ago, we successfully achieved major milestones and here we happily share some of them with you:

-Working and reaching out to a great number of women, youth and marginalized groups all around the West Bank/Palestine.

-Initiating kids summer camp that focus on mental health besides physical health.

-Creating a base of individuals and groups taking part in our mental health programs.

-Cooperating with local organizations and companies to carry out special designed workshops that help to improve the mental health of their teams.

-Highlighting issues related to mental health in many television and radio programs in Palestine.

-Producing a number of videos to raise awareness of different mental health topics and break the stigma barrier between people and mental health.

-Linking people to specialists: a great number of people sought mental health therapy and were referred to local organizations and professionals. In this way, we managed to link and work as a mediator between people and professional therapists.

- Renovating Psychology Spa Center, this is scheduled to open within the next two months with the beginning of this coming summer of 2021.

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