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This is a safe space to share with a specialist everything that would trouble you in your life. It is an opportunity to express your feelings and share your problems with a professional confidentially. What distinguishes these sessions is that they are not limited to people who suffer from psychological and mental problems, but these sessions provide a safe place for everyone, regardless of their religious, cultural background or social status, to share their feelings and what disturbs their life to prevent the accumulation of unresolved problems and thus prevent the complexity of the situation that might lead to the deterioration of their mental illness. This is the place to share problems and concerns one by one and get counseling that allows you to think about your life in a different way. Thus in these sessions you will get: 1. A complete and true acceptance of who you are, regardless of your cultural, religious and social background. 2. A complete and true acceptance of the nature of the problem you suffer and want to deal with. 3 .A safe space to share your feelings, thoughts and problems with a professional with complete confidentiality. This specialist is your own mirror, helping you see the situation with impartiality and objectivity and without judging you because of what you are experiencing. 4. Evaluate the case to see if there is a need to consult an additional psychological specialist, for example a psychiatrist. 5. Get a scientific professional advice to help you deal with your problem. 6 . Educate you about your problem to gain a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing. 7. Learn some appropriate ways and techniques to deal with the problem. 8. Do some exercises and homework between the session and the other under the supervision of the specialist. 9 . Collaborate and work together to help you enjoy a better quality of life.

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